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President Obama Appoints Bo Thao-Urabe to

Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islander

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YERLO- Hmong man Pursues Dream of

making Hmong Whiskey




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Welcome to Hmonglife.

Food is an integral part of life.  

From our ancestor's time in China to Laos and Thailand, we have evolved from humble beginnings, plain rice with water- mov ntse dej- to fancy Padthai, Larb, and many other fancy food cultures wherever we may go.

Hmong people have learned to adapt and transcend these skills  to becoming successful restaurant and business owners around the world today.  

It is our mission to seek out these experts and bring them to your at home.  We hope you will browse through our website and enjoy the shows we've put together here just for you. 

If there is a topic you'd like us to share or a restaurant that you want us to review please email us at 

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HmongLife Exclusive Coverge of

Hmong Men Stand Up Against Gender Based Violence &

Abusive International Marriage